Thursday, May 21, 2015

first gcloud command learning by example. HOW TO GET PASSWORD AND BEARERTOKEN FROM YOUR CLUSTER

$ gcloud alpha container clusters describe hello-world clusterApiVersion: 0.17.0 containerIpv4Cidr: creationTimestamp: '2015-05-21T09:23:24+00:00' description: ming cluster 1 enableCloudLogging: true endpoint: masterAuth: bearerToken: FRxE88jcslxxxtI password: FRxE88jcslNxxxPtI user: admin name: hello-world network: default nodeConfig: machineType: n1-standard-1 serviceAccounts: - email: default scopes: - - - sourceImage: nodeRoutingPrefixSize: 24 numNodes: 1 selfLink: servicesIpv4Cidr: status: running zone: us-central1-a

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